Photo of the week: Scott Avetts 'self'

Photo of the week: Scott Avetts 'self'
Awesome painting by a god!

Cakir: A Modern Day War (craft) Story

The sheer joy of laying shit on a friend via a story fills me with joy :P

Part One

The Doctor


All his waiting was over, the Doctor had returned to his office with an a4 sheet of paper. Devrim looked on in a rather impatient manner. He was eager to find out what damage was done to his finger. And, more importantly, how much he could sue Connor for. The Doctor pulled out his chair from underneath the desk and sat next to Devrim. His face ... See Moreremained rather expressionless, which in Devrims mind, was all the more confusing! 'So Doc, what's the damage?' Devrim said profoundly. He was not a person who was typically scared of a cut or bruise. The Doctor straighened his sheet of paper and began silently reading it to himself, his lips masking each word soundly. He then put the paper down upon the desk and looked up to Devrim, who had been watching his every move. 'Well Mr. Cakir, it appears you have ruptured your nerdius sheemus'. The expressionless Cakir replied 'My whatty'? The Doctor shook his head as if he was shocked at what Devrim had said. 'Mr. Cakir, your Nerdius Sheemus is the nerve which connects your index finger to your brain. It has been hurt to the extent that your reaction time with your right index finger will be heavily delayed. This is a permanent injury Mr. Cakir, I am sorry'. Devrims jaw dropped, it was almost as if a cannon ball had been shoved down his throat and sunk heavily into his gut. He felt lower than he had ever felt before. 'Bu...but Doctor... I need to run an instance tonight on WoW! This is 'life of death' man!!! There must be something I can do to safe my team and conquer the instance! Please doc, I'm beggen yah'! As Devrim finished speaking, the Doctor smirked. 'Your gaming days are over kid. BAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA'

Too be continued.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

twenty-eighth of the fourth: Hail too the bus driver

Hello world,

Tis been a while since my last blog, and in that time I have found much to report. As usual, I will speak of my fucked up experiences in Southport, along with my Topic of the day, song of the week and finally, the flavor of the month!

The WTF moment of the week: Hail too the bus driver

This ones a funny as all hell tale which happened to me just two days back. I finished work around 8 and quickly got a cab into southport so I could get a bus instead of another cab. (Strange I know, but works out I saved around 9 dollars. :D )
Anywho, I arrived around 8:10 and had to wait around 20 minutes for the bus (Fashionably late? FUCKER!!!)
First 'WTF' moment was from the guy who was dressed up as a clown. NO SHIT!! The clown pants, the shirt, the freaking hair do!! All he needed was a red nose and he'd be complete. And for all those who are wondering... yes, he looked like a pedophile.
He sad there alone, clutching his bag tightly...must have contained his balloon animals in it! LOL! (WTF? I cracked a joke...)

This guy got me thinking "Maybe southport's scum wont talk to me anymore. few!" But as usual, my wishful thinking was proven to be utter bullshit. However, that was the end of my bus stop woes, and on the bus I walked.

I sat in my usual spot of about 3 seats from the front right near the handicap seats. It's good because no one likes to sit down there so I can sit any way I like! :P. Anywho, the bus begins to move and my ipod's blasting away with some Avett Brothers (as usual! (see my last blog XD) ) and relaxed. During the trip, I kept hearing a voice, so I looked up and paused my music... I heard nothing. I assumed it was just my fucked up insanity and continued to listen. I heard it again... so I paused it again and gave everything a thorough listen...still nothing. This pissed me off considering I wasn't ready to hit up the mental asylums just yet so i decided to leave my Ipod off and listen carefully. Two minutes passed and then the WTF moment began.

The busdriver yelled
"On the left we have Macdonalds, would anyone like to stop off and get dinner?"
I assumed it was a joke and laughed... no one replied to him so he kept driving.
"On the right we have Southport park, a place for your shopping needs, would someone like to get off?"
Okay this is strange now... why does he keep talking!!!
He kept driving and along the way, kept narrating each shop, school or tafe we passed. I mean EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE! And when he wasn't narrating... and this is no lie... he was SINGING! I laughed my head off at him and he then sang to me
"What's so funny joe OHH whats so funny?"
I laughed some more and told him I saw a funny looking tree. (God I can be a terrible improviser at times) and he continued singing and narrating the journey.
As we neared my house, he decided to mention the KFC down the road. Just as he mentioned it, I had clicked the stop button. He then said
"It's good to see you clicked the button when I mentioned KFC. You can honor the colonel. He was a great man. *Sings* OHH COLONEL YOU WERE AMAZING. FEED YOUR CHICKEN OHH COLONEL PLEASE!*Sings*"
I then got of as quick as possible. I was laughing so much that I nearly fell ass over man-tit!


Anywho, off the topic of my fucked up journeys in southport and onto the topic of the day.

Topic: Don't know what you got...

This topic comes to mind due to a few circumstances that have risen with friends and family. I have seen women be used, men be abused and equality tossed out the window. I am speaking in context of relationships. Now, please understand that I can only speak of my generation and what I have seen. Take of it what you will.

Men: The worst of the two. They tend to use and abuse women so much these days. It is so FUCKING PATHETIC to witness some of the acts men will do carelessly without considering women. It makes me so god damn angry to be a male at times; especially when men will cheat continuously, abusing their partners trust and occasionally even getting violent with them! Let me say first and foremost, this is the lowest behavior of them all, and may any man who continuously does this without seeking help, rot in hell!

Women: The better half. Never the less, women are NOT PERFECT! Their worst relationship crime is using men for their own gain. This is BULLSHIT and I personally know men who have fallen in love with a girl, only to find out she was using him for his money. In one case, a friend actually killed himself. Such a sad, and tragic loss of a human life. Don't delude yourselves and think only men can cheat, for women are very capable at this as well! Men just mastered it as all :P

Conclusion: Both men and women need to pick up their game and begin treating eachother less like objects, and more like a fellow human being who we can grow to cherish and love.

Song of the day: Dance Dance Dance- Neil Young

My friends, this song is a classic!!!! Only Neil Young song you can dance to :) Definitely listen to it my friends.


Flavor of the week!

I felt like adding a food/drink part of my blog, where I mention a particular food/drink that I have enjoyed over the week, and a must-enjoy for all readers! :)

Food: Gormet Hot Dogs!!!!

My specialty :P

Hot Dog
Home made Mushroom sauce
Diced tomato

One of the nicest hot dogs ever!!!! And IIIIIIII made it baby!!!!!

Drink: Rosehip Tea

For Taleisha :) TEA IS GOD!!! I love my coffee predominantly, but this week, nothing has compared to Rosehip tea. Sooths the mind and soul, and has a great taste!

Try with honey instead of sugar :)

Well my friends, this has been an interesting blog for me to write, I hope all have enjoyed and I ask for all who read to leave a comment either on hear or on my facebook.

Until next time, I leave you with this final message "Let's host Kate a surprise party!!!" :D


Jordan Danger Merrick

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  1. You have seen equality tossed out the window? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there has never been equality between the sexes. We live in a deep seated, misogynistic partriarchy. The hope for change lies with you, your generation and the next.